First Annual Community Read

What if Everyone Read the Same Book?
We'd talk to each other about issues that matter and we'd celebrate the power of books in creating a stronger community.

Join Us (Jump In - The Water's Warm)!
Creekside is excited to announce our First Annual Community Read having selected Lynne Cox's Swimming to Antarctica, in conjunction with/partnering with Skaneateles School's Library Fall programming.  Swimming to Antarctica is the autobiography of the long-distance swimmer Lynne Cox. She begins her story at age nine, when she first thought of swimming the English Channel. With the aid of supportive parents and excellent coaches, Cox reaches that goal at age fifteen, setting a time record in the process. Her extraordinary determination and speed propel her to an amazing career, setting more records for distance swims and accomplishing more firsts in open-ocean swimming. The book is an account of her swims in some of the most treacherous and coldest waters in the world, culminating in her 2003 swim just off of Antarctica. One of the most symbolic swims in the story is Cox’s crossing of the Bering Strait from Alaska to Siberia in 1987. Cox fought for eleven years to get permission from the Soviet Union to land on its shores. Her tale of the political intrigue surrounding that swim is a history lesson in the tension and suspicion that marked the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. To quote Oliver Sacks, "Lynne Cox writes about swimming the way that Saint Exupery wrote about flying and one sees how swimming, like flying can stretch the wings of the spirit. Lynne is an extraordinary achiever, but it is her enthusiasm and her warmth, along with her respect for others, that come through above all in her writing... [this book] is thrilling, modest, vivid and lyrical, an inspiring account of a life of aspiration and adventure." 

The community read seeks to compel friends, family, and neighbors to share their experience while reading the same book, to engage in community-wide dialogue and to foster a greater sense of community by bringing people together through literature. Our goal is to promote page-turning togetherness. 

Get involved (Start Swimming)!
Pick up a copy of the book, Swimming to Antarctica, at Creekside Books & Coffee and start reading today. Three copies will also be raffled off over labor day weekend as part of the official kick-off celebration. 

Look for the dates and times of September book discussions held within the community to be announced in the coming weeks and bring your thoughts, ideas and questions. You can also pick up a discussion guide brochure from Creekside and organize your own book group meeting. Or, join our interactive blog and post your comments, questions and thoughts online! 

Be Inspired
Listen to author, and swimmer, Lynne Cox on Thursday, October 11th in Skaneateles High School Auditorium. Lynne will be in Skaneateles to speak as part of the school library's fall programming. This pinnacle of the community read will be another opportunity for inter-generational dialogue and a community-wide sharing of experience. 

Prior to the community talk, join in on the Midnight Swim on Sunday October 7th at the YMCA. Look for additional information about registering for the Midnight Swim in the coming weeks. This will be an opportunity to connect with your peers and your community over similar goals and ambitions, and a chance to learn more about the personal stories within our community.

Read. Think. Talk. Listen. Grow.
ISBN-13: 9780156031301
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Mariner Books, 3/2005

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